Onyado FukuchiyoOnyado Fukuchiyo
Onyado Fukuchiyo
Onyado Fukuchiyo

Sake Brewery

A restaurant run by a sake brewery
where you can stay.

Auberge is a French word meaning "restaurant where you can stay". "Onyado Fukuchiyo" is the first "Sake Brewery Auberge" in Japan run by "Fukuchiyo Sake Brewery", which produces the sake "Nabeshima".

Fukuchiyo is a renovated Japanese house that used to be a merchant house and has been reborn as a sake brewery auberge. When you go indoors from the entrance, you can feel the old air that is a little chilly on your skin. Then, if you go down the aisle where the outside light shines, you will find the restaurant "Souan Nabeshima" in the back.

Please enjoy the feast of sake and food offered by "Nabeshima" Meister at an inn in a sake brewing town away from the hustle and bustle.

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